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Blaze Bayley

“Blaze is on fire again.”

Blaze Bayley, former vocalist for Wolfsbane and Iron Maiden, has had a long and distinguished musical career thus far. After embarking on a solo career that spawned four successful and critically acclaimed albums under the band name BLAZE, a new line-up of experienced musicians from England, Colombia and New Zealand joined ranks with Blaze. In 2007 the band now known as Blaze Bayley was born. This, his strongest line-up of musicians, features Nico Bermudez (Underthreat) and Jay Walsh (Four Way Kill) on guitars, David Bermudez (Underthreat) on bass and Lawrence Paterson (Chokehold) on drums.

After several international live dates to ‘shake-down’ the new line-up, including festival headliners in Spain, Italy, Russia and Croatia and a UK tour, the new album ‘The Man Who Would Not Die’ was released worldwide on 7 July 2008.

The accompanying ‘Tour That Will Not Die’ will visit at least 25 countries throughout Western and Eastern Europe, The Balkans, South America and Scandinavia during 2009. The tour is constantly expanding and there are plans to visit the Far East, Australasia and North America.


The night that will not die LIVE CD 2009

The man that will not die 2008

Blood and belief 2004

As live as it gets 2003

Tenth Dimension 2002

Sillicon Messiah 2000

DVD Releases

The night that will not die LIVE DVD 2009

The night that will not die LIVE 2 DVD LIMITED EDITION 2009

Aliv in Poland 2007